How to put in place an eco-design approach?
Internal communication, training and support

What does training for an eco-design project consist of ?

  • Objectives

Provide the theoretical and practical knowledge required for the eco-design approach according to the knowledge gaps identified.

  • Prerequisite

First of all, identify those concerned by the eco-design approach and determine the difference in skills between the current situation and the target situation (required or expected skills)
Accurately determine your requirements:
- do the skills essential to the success of the project already exist and/or must they be developed?
- can you rely on a “united”, complementary and experienced team?
- are the challenges and objectives understood and shared by all?

  • Challenges

Training must be appropriate so that those concerned are capable of connecting eco-design with their everyday reality. Content must also be adapted to the trained targets.
Finally, it is imperative to make sure that trained employees have acquired the necessary knowledge.

  • Who?

It is often necessary to raise awareness or train certain stakeholders who play a crucial role in product design more specifically. Example of stakeholders other than those with engineering and design skills:
•    Marketing skills: often at the origin of product development. The integration of the environment from the very first design stages is essential and therefore requires the involvement of the marketing function.
•    Commercial skills: link between the company and the consumer. They must inform customers of the approaches undertaken, when the company has decided on an external communication.

  • How?

The type of training (duration, educational content, external/internal training, etc.) depends on the results expected:
- who to train: engineering training/multi-skill working group?
- to be able to achieve what performance?
- when?
- what change must be implemented, what is the purpose…?

  • How much?

Financial resources depend on the training content, training organization, the number of trainees and the type of training (intra or inter-company)
Cost ranges from €250 to €2,000 per training day.