What is eco-design?
What is it?

Actions of improvement in every stage

Conception et réalisation par O2 France

1.  Raw materials:
Focus on renewable materials
Low-energy materials
Recycled materials
Easily recyclable materials
Volume/weight reduction


2.  Manufacturing:
Choice of cleaner technologies
Reduction in the number of parts and materials
Reduction in assembly operations
Reduction in production waste and emissions

3.  Distribution :
Eco-design of packaging
Reduction in the weight/volume ratio
Logistics optimization
4.  Sales:
Consideration of the eco-design of POS advertising and other sales supports...
Eco-design of shops

5.  Usage:
Increase durability (reliability, repair, modularity, etc.)
Promote updates (recharge, etc.)
Switch from product to service
Shared use of the product

6.  End of life:
Separable materials
Material recovery
Component recovery
Product recovery (reuse)