How to put in place an eco-design approach?
Internal communication, training and support

What does the communication of an eco-design project consist of ?

  • Objectives

This communication has several objectives:
- organize efficient internal communication
- inform employees and project stakeholders and enable them to understand this project,
- prevent the informal propagation of information and provide employees with communication channels for feedback on their reactions and concerns.

  • Prerequisite

Identify the traditional communication channels and questions raised by the eco-design approach.

  • Challenges

Communicate information on the project designed to reduce uncertainty and ambiguity.

  • Who ?

All employees including those specifically concerned.
Any change affects all employees, regardless of their level of involvement. Indirectly affected employees need to know what is going on and how they can be affected. It is therefore preferable to include everyone in all communications rather than exclude some.
Depending on the company size and organization and project stages:
- group meetings and/or individual interviews
- verbal and/or written communications
- formal and/or informal communications...

  • How much ?

Financial, human and technical resources depend on the significance of communication, which reflects the management’s commitment
Communication to the employees is often carried out internally by the communication department (low cost: only the salary of the dedicated staff)
However, it is possible to subcontract all or part of this communication externally. Cost example for a paper support:

-Content: price varies depending on technique and number of pages
-Content definition
-Graphic design: price varies depending on complexity and the number of illustrations to be -created
-Graphic concept
-Art purchasing (visuals, illustrations, etc.)
-Layout and execution
-Printing, finishing and delivery: price varies depending on the format and quality desired

  • When ?

As soon as possible and throughout the project