Ademe’s eco-design and consumption department strives to promote the distribution of more environmentally friendly products. To do this, Ademe works on three closely linked aspects:
  • supply: promoting eco-design among industrial companies;
  • demand: helping public or private buyers include environmental criteria in their specifications; and widespread communication among end users;
  • correlation of supply and demand by developing the reference guides of NF ENVIRONMENT and European eco-labels, which guarantee environmental and usage quality for the consumer and by developing the methodologies of the future regulatory environmental display system. Contact: Christine CROS



 O2 France

The O2 France agency is one of the pioneer agencies in terms of sustainable development and eco-design consulting. Since 1988, O2 France has helped its clients take into account the environment and sustainable development as a source of innovation and an opportunity to differentiate themselves.
Over the years, O2 France has acquired solid expertise in the eco-design of products and has developed an analysis and innovation activity in terms of environmental quality goods, services and materials.
Contact: Catherine Ronge




Eco-design is an integral part of the LVMH Group’s environmental policy, which concerns products as well as stores. LVMH launched its first life cycle analysis in 1992 on twelve-bottle boxes of Hennessy VSOP cognac sent to Germany. This first product life cycle analysis was a pioneering experience. The extremely complex results turned out to be difficult to process, which is why, in the early 2000s, LVMH acquired the Simapro environmental evaluation software. This software identifies much more clearly and quickly the actions required for reducing the impact of the Group’s products on nature, from their design to the end of life. All entities of the LVMH Group have been trained. Since 2004, the environment department publishes the “Food for Thought” tool on an annual basis, a guide designed to raise the awareness of eco-design which also lists materials with ecological properties. Many other actions are presented in the LVMH Group’s environment reports. Contact: Sylvie Bénard




ISO 14001 certified, the Inddigo firm has helped companies and local authorities implement sustainable projects for more than 20 years.
Convinced that we must urgently and profoundly modify our production methods, Inddigo is developing original expertise in eco-design, based on resource constraints (sobriety) as well as waste reduction at source (impact). By re-examining the requirements to be fulfilled and working methods of the company, the clients discover a virtuous and innovative approach promoting development in a resource-poor environment.
Contact: Sophie Labrousse




BIO Intelligence Service

A pioneer in the domains of life cycle analysis and environmental evaluation of products, BIO Intelligence Service has supported and advised its clients for 20 years (SME and major corporations alike) on the eco-design of their products and services. From internal staff awareness and training sessions to the deployment of comprehensive approaches, BIO implements recognized methods and develops tailor-made tools adapted to the specific characteristics of each structure. The high added value of BIO’s achievements in the eco-design domain is widely recognized at international level and positions BIO as a reference player in the development of tomorrow’s products and services.
Contact: Yannick le Guern





  AXIMUM designs and implements more environmentally friendly road safety products and services.

  • “NF-Environment” road marking products: Ostrea® coatings made from crushed oyster shells, Typhon® water-based paints
  • Elise® electric road marking machine, the first 100% electrical self-supporting road marking machine.
  • “Lignes de Vie”® (Lifeline) and “Cité OR”® contracts: road marking maintenance designed to optimize interventions.
  • Removable Axibloc® safety barrier made of recycled concrete, facilitating marking operations.

Contact: Pierre Anelli





Evea is a consulting firm specializing in eco-design and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) involved throughout the territory in advice, training, and the design of tools and methods. Evea creates and supplies LCA and eco-design tools for worldwide distribution such as SimaPro, or dedicated and adapted to special cases. EVEA is also recognized by innovative companies committed to the environment, from large corporations to SMEs as well as opinion leading institutional clients.
Contact: Guillaume Jouanne




Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher, the Creator of Plant-based Cosmetics®, signed a contract with nature 50 years ago, with plants and protected plants as the only policy.
In 1996, Yves Rocher launched the 1st eco-recharge with Rétinol Bio-végétal. Since its creation, in its capacity as Harvester-Manufacturer-Distributor, Yves Rocher has led an ambitious eco-design policy. Reducing the environmental impact of its products at each stage of their life cycle, from the plant to the skin, is the creed which all those involved in product design adopt on a daily basis. ® Yves Rocher registered trademark.
Contact: Martine Mercenier




Crédit coopératif

A cooperative bank with branches throughout the territory, Crédit Coopératif expresses its responsible vision of the economy and its commitment to its implementation, in particular through the banking support of companies, associations, or cooperatives involved in environmental protection, eco-housing, eco-industry, renewable energy or other sectors. It provides them with a range of banking and financial products (financing investments which reduce environmental impact and improve competitiveness, etc.) as well as services to support their environmental approaches (environmental diagnostic, etc.). Alongside MEEDDM and the Orée association, it is a committed partner of the Businesses and Environment Awards.
Contact: Jean-Michel Youinou




Veolia Propreté

  Veolia Environmental Services is the reference player on the worldwide waste management and recovery market.
As the only operator involved in all processes (solid, liquid, non-hazardous and hazardous waste), Veolia Environmental Services helps improve the environment by providing its clients, industrial companies and local authorities, with innovative and efficient waste management solutions: waste stream collection and management, wastewater treatment, industrial maintenance, urban and industrial cleaning services, material recycling (paper-cardboards, scrap iron, metals, plastic, wood, WEEE, etc.), electricity and heat production, compost production.
With a 2008 turnover of €10.1 billion and 92,000 staff in 42 countries, Veolia Environmental Services is the leader in its sector.
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  PricewaterhouseCoopers performs audit and consulting assignments for public and private companies of all sizes, focusing on sector-wide approaches and guaranteeing confidence and added value for its clients as well as all stakeholders.
A network of more than 146,000 people in 150 countries shares opinions, experience and solutions with a view to proposing innovative perspectives and advice adapted to each problem.
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