The eco-design in action

What companies are presented?

The number of staff qualifies them as very small or medium-size companies; they have different financial resources; they work in cosmetics, textile, food & beverage, packaging or any type of service. They have nothing in common except that they are all committed to eco-design.
A search engine allows you to choose by organization size and eventually, once you have added your experiences to the database, you will be able to choose by product and business sector.


How did they do?

Discover the feedback of companies who have implemented an eco-design approach; see what their objectives were, what tools they used, what role each function played in the company, what difficulties they encountered, what support they were given, etc.
And, like them, go for it!


Referencing conditions

If you have initiated a similar approach in your own company for a product or service and you wish to share it on this platform, Orée gives you free on-line access to a questionnaire (whether or not you are a member) which, once completed, will be validated by a supervised steering committee before being put on line. Download the questionnaire

The information communicated in the feedback is the sole responsibility of the companies concerned.
The presentation of examples, feedback or any referencing is subject to conditions, contact us for more information.

This platform is upgradeable and will improve with your contributions, so don’t hesitate to leave your constructive comments! Post your comments on line on our forum!

This platform has been designed with the support of ADEME and other partners such as O2 France, LVMH, Inddigo, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, BIO Intelligence service, Aximum, Evea, Yves Rocher, Veolia Environmental Services and Crédit coopératif.

The platform’s steering committee is composed of: Inddigo, Evea, Bio Intelligence service, Savin Martinet Associés.