What is eco-design ?


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What will I find?

This section is full of information on methods, tools, etc. currently available to put in place an eco-design approach within your company.

Depending on your prior knowledge of the subject, you can:
  • discover in a single click the life cycle stages of a product, examples of actions to be undertaken at each stage as well as eco-design principles
  • differentiate between eco-design levels according to their eco-efficiency and product innovation level
  • define the environmental challenges of eco-design via figures, diagrams and examples
  • identify the links between eco-design and other approaches such as biodiversity or industrial ecology

Why should I use it?

Surveys will help you comprehend the consumer’s increasing awareness of more environmentally friendly products or services.
If you find the regulation arduous, a summary of the French and European regulations, ongoing reports and regulatory framework is there to help you, along with numerous links and an interactive glossary, regularly updated to help you save time.

Are you still hesitating?
The financial, competitive and innovation-related benefits resulting from an eco-design approach are presented to you based on the feedback illustrations of over thirty companies.

I am convinced, how do I get going?

The different stages of the approach to be deployed are developed in the form of practical sheets listing the questions you may have, obstacles, success factors, stakeholders, methodology, costs as well as financial aid…

Whether you are inexperienced or well-informed, choose the information you need to get ahead.

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