How to put in place an eco-design approach?
Analyze the current and future situation

Undertaking an eco-design approach requires:
  • validation of the market’s sensitivity to the approach, notably via the “requirement” level by report environmental criteria and the maturity level of buyers and/or users-prescribers
  • analysis of the competition’s offers, i.e. the proclaimed environmental argument for the same service provided
  • objective assessment of the environmental and economic benefit via tools designed to measure the environmental impact of an eco-designed solution in relation to its “traditional” equivalent.

As with any other innovative approach or the placing of new offers on the market, a manager must take into account two key variables in his/her strategic analysis:
  • timeframe: the “first-come advantage” is only relevant if we move onto a market which is ready to welcome us. Having to go through an evangelization stage reduces the return on investment as it lengthens the time-to-market.
  • notion of service provided: the idea is to enhance traditional market analyses (segment-based approach) by returning to product usefulness from the point of view of the buyer.